Fall Registration has moved to September 24 at 9 a.m.


At the Zatzman Sportsplex, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness are at the heart of everything we do. We boast brand new, state-of-the-art fitness equipment in our health and fitness centre, and host many drop-in fitness classes and multi-week fitness programs for users of all ages, abilities, and interests. 


Our weight room is made up of three sections: one overlooking the pool (with tons of cardio equipment, stretching mats, and a circuit), another overlooking Wyse Rd. (with free weights, more cardio equipment, a Jacob's Ladder, and our TreadWall), and another on the lower level (this is our boxing studio which also contains free weights and rowing machines).

  • Patrons 16+ can access the weight room with a membership or day pass.
  • Patrons 15 and under must participate in four weeks of our Strength Training for Youth drop-in class (available via your MyRec account), OR be cleared via a 1:1 consultation with one of our qualified staff (stop in to our weight room or Email Andrea at morrisan@halifax.ca to register).
  • No bags or glass bottles are permitted in the weight room.
  • Shirts, bottoms and closed-toed non-slip indoor shoes must be worn in the weight room at all times.


To help stop the spread of COVID-19, all fitness classes must be registerd for online through your MyRec account. To view what classes we have available, check out of program guide.





Medium to High Intensity

This fast-paced class uses training styles such as HIIT, Tabata, compound movements, and plyometrics to give you the adrenaline rush (and calorie burn) you love. Our instructors keep it interesting and callenging by regularly changing the routine. Suitable for most levels of fitness and ability.


High Intensity

Get the best workout of your week! This class combines various training methods and tools to increase strength, cardio capacity, endurance, speed, and agility, leaving you feeling like you’ve earned your “down time” this weekend.


High Intensity

Focusing on resetting and strengthening the muscles and connective tissues in a natural way, this bootcamp leads to better overall balance and stability. Beyond physical benefits, build a deeper mind/body connection and an increase in general fitness performance. Decrease your risk of injury at the gym and beyond and experience more strength and overall balance. Suitable for most fitness and ability levels.


High Intensity

A strength and cardio class using bodyweight and primal movements to train your full body and its systems. Using primitive movements to align and strengthen muscles and joints, this class provides the cross-training cardio burn you’re looking for in a way that feels natural, all while striving to achieve balance for the body and mind.


Medium to High Intensity

A high-intensity cycling workout on our Keiser M3 bikes, this class focuses on endurance, strength, intervals, power intensity, and recovery. Suitable for most levels of fitness and ability. Classes fill quick - book your bike by contacting the Welcome Desk at NOON the day before class at 902-464-2600.


Medium to High Intensity

An interval-style cycling class which finished with a solid core component to complete your workout. Classes fill quick - book your bike by contacting the Welcome Desk at NOON the day before class at 902-464-2600.


High Intensity

This 90-minute class will leave you feeling spent yet smiling and ready for the weekend! Incorporating strength, endurance, power, flexibility, and cardiovascular training, Fearless Friday flies by fast and is suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness and ability levels.


Medium Intensity

The world’s most popular dance fitness program, Zumba is an exciting class with great music that’s appropriate for most fitness and ability levels. Our seasoned Zumba instructors guide you from beginner all the way to superstar with their fun, easy-to-follow moves.

H.E.A.T (High Energy Athletic Training)

High Intensity

This High Energy Athletic Training (HEAT) class will have your blood pumping and your muscles burning! With components like Tabata, athletic interval training, HIIT-style moves, and precision muscle training set to upbeat music, you’ll leave drenched in sweat but feeling rejuvenated.


Light Intensity

Designed to give you a highly-effective strength and cardio workout, this class is performed almost entirely from a seated position. Do you work at a desk, drive often, or have trouble standing to exercise? Learn moves that will help get your blood flowing and muscles growing. Suitable for all ability levels.


Light Intensity

Enjoy the benefits of traditional yoga while sitting down! Chair yoga is ideal for office workers, commuter, and those with mobility and balance limitations. Learn tools you can use anytime, anywhere, to feel better in your body. Suitable for all ability levels.


Light to Medium Intensity

A gentle fitness class which allows you to build strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiopulmonary capacity over time. Learn proper movement patterns in a fun, safe environment.


Light Intensity

This cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to help Hearts in Motion participants transition to working out on their own. Each two-and-a-half hour period contains two hourand-fifteen-minute classes back-to-back. Registration for this program is by referral. Please contact Andrea Morrison for details at morrisan@halifax.ca.


Light to Medium Intensity

Combining the classic mindfulness and meditation practices of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, this class leaves beginners and those who practice regularly more grounded, flexible, and stable in mind and body.


Light to Medium Intensity

A modified version of Zumba, the popular, high-energy dance fitness class, for those who want an effective workout without putting too much pressure on their joints.


Light to Medium Intensity

This light, gentle fitness class is ideal for those just getting started with their fitness, as well as those recovering from an injury or cardiac episode. Strengthen, tone, and increase your overall fitness capacity in a fun group setting with a highly qualified instructor.


Medium Intensity

A classic aquatic fitness class in our small, accessible pool, AquaFit is ideal for those who want an activity that’s intense for their muscles with little-to-no impact on their joints.


Medium to High Intensity

This deep water fitness class will familiarize you with our Olympic-sized swimming pool in a fun group setting!


Medium Intensity

Take Zumba, the popular dance-based class into the water! 


Medium Intensity

Focusing on bodyweight strength, flexibility, toning, and balance, this fusion class incorporates the best of these three effective exercise methods that stand the test of time.


High Intensity

An intense, athletic yoga class that delivers a deep stretch, as well as endurance, breathing, and mental-focus training.


Medium Intensity

Combining two of our favourite programs for strengthening, toning, and shaping the whole body, this fusion classes uses only bodyweight and light weights. With micro-muscle and endurance training, this class is harder than it looks and will get you the results you’re looking for with no impact on your joints.


Medium Intensity

This classic bodyweight toning and strengthening class focuses on proper form, improving balance, alignment, body awareness, and stability. Our goal is for you to leave feeling successful, enlivened, and ready for more! Suitable for most fitness and ability levels.


Light Intensity

This gentle class is excellent for those who are trying yoga for the first time or are just interested in a gentle, relaxing stretch. Suitable for most levels of fitness and ability. Requires the ability to get up and down from the floor.


Light Intensity

This class is ideal for those recovering from injury, trying yoga for the first time, or just looking for a way to relax the body and mind in a fun, social setting. Suitable for most levels of fitness and ability. Requires the ability to get up and down from the floor.


Light Intensity

Designed for all abilities and bodies, Katherine Fequet (a Certified Accessible Yoga Instructor) guides you through a modifiable routine that will leave you feeling strong, balanced, and flexible. 


Medium Intensity

At the Zatzman Sportsplex, we thoroughly believe in the importance of cross-training. A program developed by our own in-house athletics professionals, Beginner Weight Lifting helps participants train their bodies to maintain proper form and teaches basic free-weight techniques such as drop sets, metabolic training, supersets, active recovery, continuous tension, splits, and isolation. Participants are given the tools to design their own workouts with their unique goals in mind. Start reaping the benefits of weight lifting with this class suitable for all levels of fitness!


Medium to High Intensity

Our in-house weight lifting program for all levels, this class focuses on toning and shaping the body with high-rep, low-weight sets, and precision-focused training.


Medium to High Intensity

A free-weight training class using our iron grip bar sets to build muscle, increase strength, and form safe functional movement patterns. Participants will increase muscle mass and lifting capacity with regular attendance, as well as learn skills they can transfer to the weight room.


Medium Intensity

Designed by our in-house athletic professionals, this class challenges and improves balance while strengthing and toning your muscles. Using props such as stability balls, and iron grips weights and dumbbells, participants get a challenging workout that proves amazing results in the way you move and lift.

Are you 15 years old or younger and ready to start weight lifting, cross-training, and working out in the gym? If you’re not sure where to start (but feel motivated to begin!) this class is for you. Focusing on how to train safely and effectively for your body while it continues to grow, this class builds a solid foundation for your fitness now and will have you working out more effectively for the rest of your life.

*Please note: To use the free weights or machines in the weight room, youth ages 15 and under must attend one term (four weeks) of Strength Training for Youth OR have a one-on-one session with a weight room staff (this is for more experienced gym users). This drop-in is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the weight room! Please register by emailing Andrea at morrisan@halifax.ca.