Welcome to the Zatzman Sportsplex!

Our Commitments and Values

As Dartmouth’s hub for recreation, health and wellness, and community, we strive to reach all our residents in ways that resonate with them. Our commitment is to serve our community by offering a mix of programs and services that support individual health goals for users of all ages, interests, and abilities.

The best communities have citizens who are healthy in body, mind and spirit. At the Zatzman Sportsplex, we provide opportunities to participate in sports and recreation, socialize, learn, and grow—helping individuals, families, and groups realize their full potential. Our goal is to be a driving force in the development of a prosperous, diverse, inclusive and healthy community.


We believe our vision is shared across Dartmouth, if not all communities worldwide. In an ideal world, all citizens are physically and socially active, lead healthy, happy lives, and feel a strong sense of belonging in their community.


To put it simply, our core value at the Zatzman Sportsplex is people. These four beliefs are the cornerstones of the facility’s culture and how we operate:

RelationshipsMom said it first, but we keep it close to our hearts: Treat people how you want to be treated. We strive to provide all our community with the supports they need and to react to situations with kindness at the forefront. We want our users to feel welcome and valued, always.

Creating positive, long-lasting relationships with our customers is not just a business move—it’s an action we take to work toward safety and comfort in our Sportsplex community.

InnovationEmbracing change isn’t easy, but we aim to be experts at it. During our year-and-a-half long renovation, our staff and Board of Directors made a promise to ourselves and each other that we would seek out new ways of doing things and be bold when exploring new ideas. We learn from not only our successes, but our mistakes as well, and we strive to be accepting of (and willing to) change.

Community – We believe everyone should have an opportunity to succeed, and this means recognizing that different people need different types and levels of support. We consider equity in everything that we do and always strive to use a community impact approach.

EmployeesOur success is a direct result of the strength and well-being of the facility’s staff and volunteers. The Zatzman Sportsplex is proud of its staff and commits to supporting them with not only the right tools to get the job done right, but the right attitude to help them understand they’re appreciated.


The Zatzman Sportsplex exists to build and sustain holistic health in not only our building, but in Dartmouth and beyond. We also believe that recreation is for everyone, and that promoting diversity and inclusion in our building is a life-long mission. Our culture is always growing and developing, and we strive to always make it more supportive, more curious, and more kind. 

Our culture is built on the following three pillars, all of which contribute to our overall goal of growing an even healthier community.

Employee-First PhilosophyHaving an employee-first philosophy is critical to building a healthy and supportive culture. The Zatzman Sportsplex employs over 250 people, many of which are Dartmouth residents. We know how important it is to feel comfortable, safe and respected in the workplace.

We promise to take good care of the people who take care of you in our facility—our employees. That’s how we achieve top-notch customer service and an all-around good feeling at the Sportsplex. If you ever want to share an experience you had with an employee (whether negative or positive), we encourage you to contact us. We always want to hear about how our employees are doing so we can support them in doing their very best at work.

Diversity and Inclusion – “Diversity and inclusion” isn’t just a quote on a poster slapped up on the wall, a training session, or a statement on an “employee culture” page. Diversity is the spice of life—it makes life better—and is integral to the success of our facility and our community.

The Zatzman Sportsplex strives to be a leader in diversity and inclusion in our community, and this means focusing on equity vs. quality in everything that we do. What can we do to support people with specific needs that are often left unnoticed? How can we make our building more accessible to every segment of our community? How can we break down the barriers that often keep people out of our facility? These are the questions we always keep at the back of our minds and try to resolve, slowly but surely, every day.

Recreation for All – If our facility isn’t serving everyone in the community who wants to be served, we can’t consider it successful. “Recreation for All” means ensuring anyone who wants to participate in the programs and services we offer has the opportunity, regardless of any barriers that may seem present. 

The Zatzman Sportsplex has a Community Access Program in place which offers free rec opportunities as well as a limited number of Pay-What-You-Can memberships (available by referral). Contact us at info@zatzmansportsplex.com for more information about Pay-What-You-Can Memberships.