The Sportsplex does not have COVID-19 testing.


The Pay What You Can Membership Program is currently full. Applications are not being accepted at this time. Any applications submitted will be added to a waiting list for when a spot becomes available. 

The Zatzman Sportsplex has a limited number of Pay What You Can memberships available by referral only. If you're interested in one of these memberships, please get a caseworker, social worker, or community service agency representative to email Cara at with the referral form. If you are a caseworker, social worker, or community service agency representative who's interested in referring someone, please see the information sheet below and download the form.

The Pay What You Can membership, originally the Thrive program, is a program for community members who are looking to participate in a healthy and active lifestyle but can not afford a regular membership. This program is not meant for people who are looking for a cheaper membership who are able to purchase a regular membership. This program is for people who need it.

How to Get A PWYC Membership

  1. Contact your referrer about the program. A doctor, caseworker, social worker, or community service agency can apply on your behalf. Sportsplex staff can not apply or fill out a form on anyone's behalf.
  2. The applicant and referrer should carefully read through the FAQ and application form together.
  3. Complete the application form completely, this includes the amount the applicant is able to pay per month. The PWYC membership is not a free membership.
  4. The referrer should send the application via email to
  5. The Sportsplex will contact the referrer when a space becomes available in the program and the application has been processed.
  6. Once the referrer is contacted, they should relay this information to the applicant along with all steps the applicant needs to take to activate their membership.
  7. PWYC Members must actively use their membership, or risk being removed from the program.

Responsbility of the Referrer 

When you are referrer someone(s) to the Pay What You Can Program you are:

  1. Confirming that this individual or family requires the assistance of a Pay What You Can membership, and are not able to afford a regular Sportsplex membership.
  2. Agreeing to act as a contact point between the Sportsplex and application. All information the applicant needs to know about starting their membership will be sent through you.
  3. If at any point the applicants' membership is terminated, notification will be sent through the referrer.
  4. Any news regarding shutdowns, closures, or interruptions at the Sportsplex is always posted on our website and is the responsibility of the member to track.