To All Sportsplex Patrons,

It has been brought to our attention that there are many people who are:

  • Registering for a class or activity and not showing up.
  • Registering for multiple classes or activities and picking the one they want later.
  • Registering for one activity and attending another one once they are in the facility.

This is incredibly concerning. Spaces in classes and activities are limited due to COVID restrictions. By continuing to book spaces and not show up for them, you are actively taking a spot away from other patrons who were not able to book. Additionally, taking part in another class or activity you did not register for makes our contact tracing unreliable, and puts the health of other patrons and our staff at risk.

We understand life happens and sometimes you will miss a class, but if the above actions continue to persist, we may have to bring in consequences.

If you know you will not be able to make a class, please cancel it. You can do so through MyRec by logging into your account. On the left-side navigation pane, there is a “View Bookings” tab, with a “View My Bookings” dropdown option. You can cancel your bookings there up to 12 hours before they occur.

Please be respectful of all patrons who use this facility.

Thank you for your cooperation.