We stand in solidarity against racism, white supremacy, and the oppression of those of African descent. Silence is compliance, so we must use our voice and our privilege to demand an end to systemic racism and amplify the voices of those of African descent. We see you, we hear you, and we stand with you.

It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and continuously work to be better allies. The acts of violence and murders in the USA has prompted the world to examine their own actions and inactions. The Zatzman Sportsplex is no exception. Nova Scotia has its own issues of systemic racism that must be addressed.

People of African descent are our co-workers, our patrons and our community. We are an organization that strives to serve as a hub for Dartmouth. A safe place for people to focus on their health, wellness, and building connections. We cannot achieve this without recognizing the racism that plays a part in our local and global community.

Relationships, Innovation, Community, and Employees are our values. But words are not enough. We must do better. The Zatzman Sportsplex is committed to taking tangible steps to support our staff and community members of African descent.

Here are resources on ways to help, and anti-racism resources to help educate yourself.