The current projected (it is not yet confirmed) date for the province to reach Phase 5 of reopening is September 15, and the Sportsplex will continue to follow the guidance of Public Health around required restrictions.  

The Sportsplex requires ONE WEEK to transition from online bookings to open access to the facility. The start of access without online booking will depend on when the Phase 5 date is confirmed. We will have more information available when the date is announced.

When the Sportsplex fully enters Phase 5, the following changes will occur:

  • Activities will not need to be booked ahead of time through MyRec, except for Spin, Squash, Racquetball, Adult Swimming Lessons, and Tri-Fit. More information on this is available below. (Please see the above paragraph on the Sportsplex requiring ONE WEEK to make this transition.)
  • Physical distancing will not be required.
  • We strongly encourage you to continue to wear a mask when not working out/participating in an activity.
  • Restrictions on the number of people allowed in one area will be removed.
  • Spectators will be allowed.
  • Day passes will return. Passes that expired while restrictions were in place will be extended.
  • Punch cards will return. Punch cards that expired while restrictions were in place will be extended.
  • The hot tub will become available roughly one month after the province announces we are moving to Phase 5.

Accessing the Facility

Members will be able to enter the Sportsplex by swiping their membership card at the gates and go to whatever activity they wish (minus those that require to you pre-book).  Go to the fitness centre, head to an open gym session, take part in a lane swim, there will be no registration required.

Non-members will stop at the Welcome Desk and pay the day pass rate, which will provide them the same access as members.

Activities That Will Continue to Require Online Booking

Online booking will continue for certain activities. Members will continue to have access to book 7 days in advance, and non-members 5 days. The booking fee will be eliminated for non-members, and instead, they will stop at the Welcome Desk on arrival to pay the day pass rate.

  1. Participants were required to register for Spin class before COVID-19 restrictions were in place, as the number of bikes available is limited. Online registration for Spin through MyRec will continue, but all available Spin bikes will be open for booking.
  2. Squash/Racquetball Courts. Only ONE person will be required to book the court on behalf of everyone who is playing. Booking the court will continue to be done through MyRec.
  3. Adult Swim Lessons and Tri-Fit will continue to be booked online through MyRec, as these are popular activities, and space is limited.