Lane swimmers, we have an update for you!

Recently, we increased the limit to two people per lane during lane swims. Now we are adding more lane swims to the schedule.
Many swims will be back to back. There are a few things you need to be aware of with these changes.
  • If you arrive early on deck, you will not be able to start swimming early. You will have to wait until the previous swim is done. Do not jump into any available lane until the lifeguard tells you that you can.
  • When your swim time is done lifeguards will remind you that you have to exit the pool to make room for the next swim.
  • The next lane swim will be allowed in the pool only when the previous lane swim has left.
  • If you book swims back to back, please let the lifeguards know if you can. This way they know you are staying for a second swim, and they are not waiting for you to exit the pool to let the next group in.
  • We have also added more Parent & Tot Swims, Leisure Pool Swims, and Fitness Times to the schedule. These activities are subject to the same rules as the lane swims (do not get in early, wait for a lifeguard to tell you it is your turn).
Remember to follow all instructions from the Lifeguards!
These changes begin Tuesday, February 16.