New Booking Policy Updates


Starting Monday, February 1, the Sportsplex will begin implementing new policies to curb the number of no-shows, as well as create more space in activities to allow more participation.  

The first update will come into effect on February 1:

  1. Patrons will be limited to booking two of the same activity per day.

An example of a ‘same activity’ per day: You will only be able to book 2 hours in the fitness centre per day. You can still book a yoga class, a lane swim, and a fitness center time, if you attend all three activities.

  1. Due to restriction changes from last Friday we are increasing the number of people in:
    • The Fitness Centre
    • Open Skates
    • Open Swims, Leisure Pool Swims, and Parent & Tot Swims

In the coming days, we will be addressing the issue of no-shows, and our plans to safely increase participant numbers in some areas.

If you have any questions, please contact