Welcome to the Zatzman Sportsplex!

Re-Opening Update: Stage 4


Grab a cup of coffee/tea/water and get comfortable Sportsplex Fam, this is going to be a longer one. Read on, or download the PDF version here.

Starting on September 8 we are going to be entering Stage 4 of our Re-Opening Plan. This is going to go hand in hand with Fall Registration, and there is a lot of information you need to know, so please read to the end.

Before we get started, here is what’s NOT changing.

  • Activities will still need to be booked ahead of start time. If your name is not on a class list or you are not scheduled for an activity, you will not be able to participate
  • Restrictions around COVID-19, physical distancing, face-masks, and maximum capacities are still in place. We will continue to follow Provincial Guidelines
  • We will not be taking punch passes or day passes
  • Staff are constantly disinfecting the facility and running tests to ensure the facility remains clean
  • Showers are not available for use
  • A limited number of lockers in change rooms are available. These lockers are marked to ensure physical distancing.
  • Wallet lockers in the fitness centre and outside the gymnasium are available.
  • You will need to check in with staff at the door
  • We will not have food service or vending machines
  • Water fountains are available as bottle refill stations only
  • Patrons will not be able to hang out or socialize within the facility
  • Patrons should come as dressed as possible for their activity
  • Drop-in or open leagues will not be available until physical distancing rules have changed
  • We ask all patrons to continue to follow directional signage


In Stage 4 we are bringing back Memberships. We are still operating under restrictions and are unable to provide members with regular programming and schedules. Therefore, all membership's will be at a reduced price.

Because the prices are changing, and because not everyone will be ready to return to an active membership in September, we will be starting over. All memberships will have their remaining value, prorated from when we shut down in March, credited back to the members MyRec account.

This process will be starting Wednesday, August 19, and running until it is done. This will NOT impact or interrupt your ability to book activities online.

On September 1, COVID Memberships will come to an end. Between September 1 – September 8 (when we start selling memberships, see below) no one will have an active membership.

Because everyone loses their COVID membership September 1, we will be providing a booking discount for everyone from September 1 – September 20. During this time, you will only be able to book 5 days in advance. This will run to September 20 to allow for some overlap with the restart of memberships.

Starting September 8, you will be able to purchase new memberships. We will only be selling one-month memberships, with the ability to purchase as far out as two months. We want to avoid selling anything too far in advance with so much uncertainty around COVID-19. You will be able to use the credit on your MyRec account to purchase the new memberships.

The price of the memberships reflects the services we can offer. We do not have a date on when our memberships will return to our normal pricing, or when our activities and programs will return to a pre-COVID schedule. It depends entirely on the course of the pandemic and the restrictions in place by the Province.

NOTE: Families with a Family Membership who wish to continue to book online will still need to use separate emails that are linked to the primary account. Instructions on how to do this are available on our website under our COVID-19 section.





All prices are tax included. There will be no corporate membership for the time being. Punch passes and day passes will be not be accepted at this time.


Memberships will not be sold online, you must come in person to the facility to purchase them. Starting on September 8 at 6 a.m., memberships can be purchased at the Welcome Desk for two months in advance.


Membership has its benefits! Ours include:

  • No fee for drop in activities. You will be able to book as many drop-in activities as you like, with no fee. This starts the same time that you purchase your membership.
  • Priority booking times will remain, with members having access to book an activity 7 days in advance.
  • A 25% discount on classes and programs will be provided.


You will not need a membership to access the facility. Non-members can:

  • Book activities 5 days in advance
  • Pay a fee of $5 per activity


  • For those who have Pay What You Can Memberships (PWYC) that have not yet expired, your membership will be active and available to use on September 8.
  • PWYC memberships that expired between March and September that met membership criteria between January and March, will be automatically renewed and available for use on October 1.
  • For this one time, you will not be required to provide a new referral letter.
  • You must still qualify for the membership for it to be active/renewed. Example: If you are on a family membership as a child, and turned 18 between March and September, you no longer qualify as a child in your family and you will not be able to use the family membership.
  • For those who do NOT wish to continue your Pay What You Can Memberships, we ask that you contact Cara McInnis (902-490-2975) to confirm so we may open the memberships to others.


Starting September 8 there will be changes to how drop in bookings will work. This includes:

  • You will be able to book activities and pay in person at the desk
  • You can book activities 7-days (members) or 5-days (non-members) in advance at the front desk
  • Expanding on drop in times to make accessing the facility as convenient as we can possibly make it with restrictions still in place
  • Booking online will still be an option and encouraged, with 7-days in advance for members, and 5-days in advance for non-members.
  • Members will have no fee for booking activities
  • Non-members fee remains at $5 per activity for now
  • “Drop-In” for activities will be available, but we cannot guarantee a spot in a class. This means you can show up for a class/activity just before it starts and hope there is a spot you can take. If there is not a spot, you will not be allowed into the facility. Online booking and booking in advance will still be a priority. We highly encourage you still book in advance to secure a spot.


Fall program registration is set to begin on September 14 at 9 a.m. All programs can be registered for online through HRM MyRec, or at the front desk.

In order to receive the 25% membership discount from programs, you must have an active membership when you register for the program, and when the program starts.

Programs can be registered for online, but memberships must be purchased in person at the Welcome Desk.


August 19 – The process of refunding memberships as credits to MyRec accounts begins

August 31 – Last day for $5/$3 (member) price for booking activities

September 1 – 6 – Memberships are no longer available, but while we transition our system to our new memberships, there will be a discount on bookings, so everyone pays $3 with the ability to book 5 days in advance. This service will extend until September 20 to allow for overlap with the start of Memberships.

September 7 – Labour Day, facility closed.

September 8 – Memberships begin and are available for purchase at the Welcome Desk. Active Pay What You Can Memberships start again on this day.

September 14 – Fall Program Registration Begins

September 21 – Non-member booking fees return to $5

October 1 – PWYC memberships that expired between March and September that met membership criteria between January and March, will be automatically renewed and available


While we are looking to increase our programming to bring added value to memberships, there will still be restrictions in place.

  • All Provincial Guidelines as they pertain to COVID-19 are still in place.
  • You will still need to register for a class online or in person at the front desk. If you are not registered for a class, you will not be permitted to participate.
  • Class sizes, and the number of people in one space will still be restricted.
  • You must still wear a mask to enter and exit the facility. For further details, please check our website.
  • Showers will remain unavailable.



The new facility hours will be:

  • Monday – Friday, 6 a.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Saturday 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Sunday 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.


  • We will offer lane swims, individual fitness times, swimming lessons, aquatics leadership courses, and family rentals in the small pool
  • We will be reintroducing some Aquatic Fitness Classes
  • We will not be able to offer open swims at this time
  • Waterslides, hot tub, rock walls, and the splash pad will remain closed for now
  • The schedule will be available with the release of the fall program


For the time being, access to the track will continue to remain free for all to use, but spaces will still need to be booked. The schedule will be available with the release of the fall program.


  • Fitness centre time blocks will be dropped back to 1-hour
  • With a membership you can book as many blocks as you want, free of charge. This way, those people who only require an hour can book an hour, and those who require several hours for their workout can book that time frame.
  • The fitness centre will close from 10 – 11 a.m. and 2 – 3 p.m., Monday – Saturday and from 2 – 3 p.m. on Sunday for deep cleaning
  • Fitness centre staff will continue to clean during open hours and disinfect all surfaces frequently.


Monday - Friday: 6 – 10 a.m., 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., 3 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Saturday: 6 – 10 a.m., 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., 3 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Sunday: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., 3 p.m. – 8 p.m.


  • We will add more fitness classes to the fall schedule
  • Members can book as many as they would like, 7 days in advance, for free.
  • Non-members will have a fee of $5 and book 5 days in advance
  • The schedule will be available with the release of the fall program


  • We have increased the time frame for activities and rentals in the gym
  • Patrons must continue to bring their own equipment (basketballs, rackets, etc.)
  • Staff will continue to set up the equipment required for your rental (volleyball nets, etc)
  • The schedule will be available with the release of the fall program


We have increased the amount of squash and racquetball court times that are available. The schedule will be available with the release of the fall program.


Due to restrictions on the number of people who can gather in one area, Teen Takeover will not begin immediately in the fall. We will update everyone when the situation changes, and we can safely restart this program.


We are working on the logistics of the possibility of having birthday party rentals. Watch our social media, website, and newsletter for updates.


We are working on the logistics of the possibility of restarting childminding hours. Watch our social media, website, and newsletter for updates.


Parking passes will resume on October 1. Stay tuned for more information.


We’re working on it! This will be available soon. We have a few more details and scheduling logistics to work out.