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The Zatzman Sportsplex has experienced, motivated Personal Trainers who care about community health and helping you thrive in a fitness setting! Our personal trainers also work in our weight room, so they're familiar with our equipment and services. 

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Meet our Trainers!


Specialty: Personal Training

Education: B achelor in Science. CanFitpro Personal Training Specialist (PST) Certified

How did you start your health and wellness journey?

“As a hyperactive child, I started playing several types of sports like soccer, basketball, kick boxing at young teens and later got into scout activities and leadership training where I've practiced and trained others on survival-camping skills and climbing. All that lifestyle in addition to when I started exercising at the gym back in 2002 helped me become an overall Personal Trainer"

Why do you love fitness and personal training?

“My approach as why I love fitness is 'To look and feel great, and stay healthy as we get older. As it gives us a feeling of accomplishment & achievement.' That feeling and satisfaction is what I work towards with my clients. I believe that fitness helps our overall health,  raises self-esteem mentally and physically. It's simply fun, good for you and a great challenge.”


Specialty: Personal Training, Yoga, Weight Training

Education: 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance - USA), CanFitPro Personal Training Certification

How did you start your health and wellness journey?

"I used to be unable to squat and thought it was because of my body structure. I believed this was a common problem until I met my coach (who was a Professional Trainer and a Master Yogi). He showed me that I was wrong after just a few weeks. I can squat more deeply now. That was when I first experienced the advantages of proper exercise and saw how fitness can change a person’s life. That’s when I decided to share those benefits with others. I decided to become a trainer."

Why do you love fitness and personal training?

It’s always a wonderful and magical feeling for me to see my clients’ quality of life improve as a reward for their sweat, time, and determination. I see this job as the way I can help; how I create my value; how I dedicate my life to this world."



Specialty: Personal Training, Weight Training, Post-Injury Exercises

Education: IFBB Certified Personal Trainer

How did you start your health and wellness journey?

“Growing up around people having various injuries and life-altering conditions like obesity motivated me to learn as much as possible about health, nutrition, physiotherapy and even alternative treatments. I too have suffered injuries that prevented me from doing a sport I cared about deeply and being able to help myself recover gave me the confidence and determination to share my knowledge and help others through fitness.”

Why do you love fitness and personal training?

“I believe a healthy and active lifestyle is the key to living a longer, carefree life. Seeing my clients achieve their goals and develop the awesome habit of regular exercising gives me joy and purpose. I feel grateful to be working at a place that helps people and that I can contribute to other’s personal successes."


Specialty: Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning

Education:ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

How did you start your health and wellness journey?

"My journey began when a powerlifting gym opened just next door to the home I lived at the time. It was then where I met my trainer and now good friend who pushed me to my limits and then some. It was at that gym I truly began to appreciate the process of fitness. How small changes in a daily routine could result in big results and how focusing on training could remind us of the present, and truly appreciate what we are capable of."

Why do you love fitness and personal training?

"At its core training is about growth, physically and mentally. Whether you train seasonally, recreationally, or professionally. To be able to help motivate and join others along their journey brings me great joy. I love what I do because for just one moment in time I can help others achieve their potential or simply brighten their day even if it’s just one rep at a time."

“The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right” - Confucius