About our recreation programs:

Whether your child is starting a sport for the first time, or they are looking to refine their skills at an introductory level, our programs are designed to engage kids in the fun, active and competitive nature of sports.

We believe that children should participate in physical activity daily. We provide fun and exciting programs in an age-appropriate environment with instructional implementation from our trained staff.

See our current selection of child & youth recreation programs below!

Preschool Recreation Programs (Ages 3-4)

Children at this age have a short attention span and learn best when they can explore, experiment, and copy others. Our preschool programs are designed to provide children with a fun experience and keep them active. These classes have an instructional component but are focused on fun and physical activity. We encourage parents’ participation to help connect with the instructors.

Youth Recreation Programs (Ages 5 – 8, 6 – 11, 9 – 11):

At these ages, most children have the basic motor skills for simple organized sports.

Our programs are designed for participants to learn new skills and promote personal growth and development, while engaging in a social sports setting. Each week includes focused instruction and as children progress, they will move into small group games to encourage teamwork.

At this level in their skill development, children should be confident enough to participate in our sessions without the assistance of their parents.

For older youth (ages 9-11), most are ready for more complex sports. Our programs focus on skill development, fun, and participation, not competition. We encourage our participants to provide our instructors with feedback as they gain new skills so that they can focus future sessions on sport-specific skills that they want to learn.

Youth Recreation Programs (Ages 10 – 15):

These development level programs are designed to build the foundations and skills necessary to move on to recreational or potentially club/school level teams. This level is for development of coordination and fine motor control. It is for children to enjoy practicing their skills they learn and seeing their personal growth in the selected sport. Our participants will have progress to understand basic rules, tactics and strategy in games and refinement of sport specific skills.

  • indoor sneakers
  • activewear attire (shorts and t-shirt recommended)
  • water bottle'
  • shin guards are encouraged but not required (for any programs with a soccer component)

For all sports programs, equipment is supplied (racquets and balls).

Winter 2023 Child & Youth Recreation programs

The following programs are avaialble for registration now!

The above images are from our Winter 2023 Program Guide.

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