Due to COVID-19 restrictions, activities must be booked ahead of time, either in person at the Welcome Desk or online through MyRec.  Booking everything through MyRec allows us to make sure we never have too many people in one location, and provides a contact tracing list should there be a COVID-19 exposure at the Sportsplex. All activities must be booked, including:

  • The Fitness Centre
  • Fitness Classes
  • Swims (all of them)
  • Gymnasium time
  • Squash/Racquetball Courts
  • Walking/Running Track
  • Child Minding

Sportsplex members have the ability to book activities 7 days in advance for free, and non-members can book activities 5 days in advance, with a drop-in fee ($5 for most activities).


You must have a MyRec account set up first. Instructions on how to use MyRec can be found here.

Once you are set up in MyRec, you can book activities by:

  1. Booking them through MyRec, instructions found here
  2. Booking them in person at the Welcome Desk

We do not take bookings over the phone, email, or through social media.


Activities can be called up to two hours before they start through MyRec. You can also call the Welcome Desk to cancel an activity. 


Punch passes and day passes are not accepted at this time, as they are not compatible with MyRec. If you have a day pass or punch pass, they will be honored once we are able to use them again.