Zatzman Sportsplex Board of Directors Diversity Policy

The Zatzman Sportsplex believes in diversity and values the benefit it brings to its Board of Directors. Diversity promotes the inclusion of different perspectives and ideas, mitigates against groupthink, and ensures that the Sportsplex can benefit from all available talent. The promotion of a diverse Board makes sense for our business and makes for better organizational governance.

The Zatzman Sportsplex seeks to maintain a talented and dedicated Board of Directors, comprised of members who possess diverse expertise, experience, skills, and backgrounds. The skills and perspectives represented on the Board should reflect the diverse nature of the Sportsplex's business environment. For purposes of Board composition, diversity includes (but is not limited to): business experience, geography, age, gender, ethnicity, and indigenous status. In particular, the Board should include an appropriate number of women and persons from different ethnic backgrounds.

The Zatzman Sportsplex commits to a merit-based system for Board composition within a diverse and inclusive culture. This system ensures the Sportsplex solicits multiple perspectives and views for its Board, with selection free of conscious or unconscious bias and discrimination. When assessing Board composition or identifying suitable candidates for election or re-election to the Board, the Sportsplex will consider candidates on merit-against-objective criteria, keeping in mind both the benefit of diversity and the needs of the Board.

The Sportsplex will periodically assess the expertise, experience, skills, and backgrounds of its directors in light of Board's needs (with needs including the level of diversity the Board reflects).