Looking for a place to swim with your family and friends? We're offering 1/2 pool rentals, that includes half the big pool, half the small pool, and shared access to the waterslides! Rental opportunities follow COVID-19 restrictions that are in place by the Province.

💧 You will need to physically distance in the waterslide lineup if there is one due to the shared access.
💧 There will not be rope, hot tub, or rockwall access at this time.
💧 Rentals will be for 60 minutes. 50 to swim, with 5 minutes to enter the building and access the pool, and 5 minutes to leave.
💧 Maximum of 10 people per rental group, as per the new restrictions by the Provincial Government from November 23 - December 1.
💧The rental rate will be $100 + tax and can be booked online through MyRec.