Richard Devenney - Chief Engineer

Working in the recreation industry since 1973, Richard Devenney possesses a wide range of knowledge around facility operations and arena management. As the Sportsplex’s Chief Engineer, Richard manages a team of staff and works to keep the arena, pool, and other areas of the facility running smoothly.

Growing up in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Richard was a part of the team that laid the first artificial ice sheet in the Bridgetown Arena. With over 28 years under his belt at the Sportsplex, he knows the building inside-out and is constantly working to improve processes to make the building more energy efficient. Richard has travelled around North America, visiting recreation facilities and arenas from Florida to the Canadian territories to gather ideas and bring them back to the Zatzman Sportsplex.

Richard’s work at the Zatzman Sportsplex involves a lot of problem solving and “fighting fires” (figuratively, but if there were a real fire, he’d probably be the first to respond). While being responsible for operations can be challenging, his favourite part of his job is working with people—both the Sportsplex staff and our customers.

When he’s not at the Sportsplex, you can catch Richard hunting, fishing, and sailing on his small boat. He’s looking forward to seeing the Sportsplex grow post-renovation, and believes the most exciting part of the renovation is how clean and new the facility will feel. We can’t help but agree, and appreciate Richard and his team for helping to maintain this new modern space!