PLEASE NOTEDue to the ongoing closure of the facility to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sportsplex is cancelling all Spring Programs

Max Chauvin - General Manager

A recreation expert with a background in science, business, strategy, and management, Max Chauvin is a jack of all trades who uses his diverse skillset and innovative way of thinking to make the Zatzman Sportsplex a valuable resource to our community.

As the General Manager of the Zatzman Sportsplex, Max has over 35 years of experience working in the recreation facility management field and is an expert in not-for-profit governance. He speaks internationally on recreation and programming trends, sharing his wealth of knowledge to help even more communities reap the health benefits of recreation.

Max is an avid volunteer and serves on many boards of directors including the United Way and the HRM Housing and Homelessness Partnership. His past board experience includes being the President of Recreation Nova Scotia and both the provincial and national chapters of the Lifesaving Society. No two days are alike for Max, as he’s always making his way through the building, chatting with customers to catch up and find out how we can improve their lives through our programs and services. One of Max’s biggest focuses as General Manager of the Sportsplex is ensuring that everyone, regardless of circumstances or conditions, has a chance to take advantage of the Sportsplex in some way. He’s committed to community development in Dartmouth North, Dartmouth South, and beyond, and is dedicated to making Dartmouth the best place it can be to live, work, and play.

When he’s not at the Sportsplex or volunteering, you can find Max travelling with his wife, Sandra, adventuring with his two dogs Gatsby and Argus, or working on his fountain pen and cowboy boot collections. The new Sportsplex is an exciting milestone for Max both personally and professionally, and he says he can’t wait to see hundreds of people playing in the gymnasium and other new areas when we re-open.

One of Max’s favourite Sportsplex memories is riding the red waterslide for the first time. “I remember snorting half the water in the pool up my nose, I swear I laughed for hours about how much fun it was.” If you see Max around the facility, be sure to check in and let him know how you’re enjoying your Sportsplex experience. Who knows, you may even catch him trying out our new waterslide when he’s off the clock!