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Colter Simmonds - Child, Youth, and Sports Coordinator

A basketball fanatic with years of experience coaching and mentoring youth, Colter Simmonds is a true professional who is well known for his involvement in basketball across North America. As our Child, Youth, and Sports Coordinator at the Zatzman Sportsplex, Colter inspires youth to reap the benefits of recreation and sport while having fun and developing new skills.

Coming from North Preston, Nova Scotia, Colter holds an Advanced Diploma in Recreation Leadership from NSCC, and has completed countless leadership courses, earning certification in Afro Centric Leadership and Management, Authentic Leadership and Management, Basic Counseling, Level 3 National Coaching, and more.

Colter is the Director of the We Will Win Youth Association, an organization that’s designed to help youth succeed in sports, school, and life. With over a decade working with high-risk youth and over 15 years in recreation facility management, Colter easily relates to youth and earns their respect by sharing his own experiences. In addition to his own not-for-profit, Colter has served as Head Coach, Assistant Coach or Volunteer with organizations such as Basketball Nova Scotia, Canada Basketball and Hartwood Centre for Youth, and he also coaches high school basketball at Auburn High in Cole Harbour.

As our Child, Youth, and Sport Coordinator, Colter’s days are full of interacting with youth, planning and running programs, and meeting with community members to learn more about their needs. Colter has travelled all over North America through basketball, and has a goal of going to Saskatchewan so he can check “visit every province and territory in Canada” off his personal bucket list.

When he’s not at the Sportsplex, volunteering, or coaching, playing, and watching basketball, Colter loves to read and cook on his barbeque at home with his fiancé Michelle and his son Tyrell.

Colter is always excited to meet new youth that come to the Sportsplex and to see them learn, experience life, and grow over the years. We’re grateful to have Colter and his wealth of knowledge in sports and youth work on board at the Sportsplex!